Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Home Goals

Recently I have been spending a lot of time on pinterest pinning thoughts for my dream home, and yet I have been feeling more and more down about my current home. With how low and unwell I have been feeling like I don't want to tidy my house and feel like I have been really living in this space that doesn't make me happy. I am behind on everything, and having to spend a lot of time inside has been making me really unhappy.

So I started thinking what can I change? Obviously it needs to be on a budget because most of my money needs to go towards the new house we are hoping to buy. I am hoping over the next few months to make small changes and mood boards for each room which I will be sharing on here but essentially.

Lounge I want my lounge to be a cosy place, I have a sort of reading nook under my stairs that I want to get a lamp for and spend more time there reading. As our front door leads into our lounge I sometimes feel shoes, post etc tends to build up in here.

Kitchen This needs a lot of reorganisation! This is a kitchen, laundry, dumping ground. I need the table to be used, I need washing up to be done and put away more regularly and I need clothes to be moved upstairs in good time.

Bedroom I want my bedroom to be kind of split into two areas ... the bed and relaxation area and then my wardrobe and dressing area. I also want room for yoga and meditation as its something I need to do more.

Anyone got any tips on decorating a rented place on a budget?

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