Monday, 16 May 2016

Sick Days.

I started the Low FODMAP diet last wednesday and it seemed to be going well. I managed to do my two night shifts on a busy assessment unit without feeling too lethargic and I was quite optimistic. Then Saturday night I hit my first stumbling block - I was craving pizza. 

So we went to tesco and bought some bits to make what I thought was a safe pizza. Gluten free base, passata, and cheese toppings (on fodmap you are lactose free but there are a lot of safe cheeses, something to do with how its made, im not an expert yet!) 

Anyway, come 9pm I was in agony. Hot bath, peppermint tea, paracetemol and IBS tablets seemed to do nothing. I took to the UK FODMAP group and apparently there are two possibly culprits - the free from pizza base I chose has pea protein in it or I may be sensitive to dairy. Both things I will investigate in time.

For now though I am on my second day of disturbed sleep, stomach cramps and being unable to eat anything apart from ready salted crisps without feeling extremely sick. 

I also had a message from my Dr Surgery that my blood test results are abnormal. Nothing serious, just a routine appointment next week to discuss them! 

Just wanted to put a little update as my blog might be a little quiet, I have nothing pre written and all my energy is going into making sure I recover in time for work wednesday night ...

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