Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wear my wardrobe: Week Four

I have been really bad at doing these weekly right? I have been feeling really pants about the way I look, mostly due to this IBS flare up that has had me feeling bloated, looking very pregnant and puffy. However, that should all hopefully be under control soon and after wanting to throw away everything in my wardrobe and start again I thought no, I can't afford that and so lets get back onto this and started wearing what I love and weeding out the rest.

Left: Leggings, Striped top and a men's flannel shirt I bought for £1.99 in a charity shop ages ago. This was perfect for a chilled out sunday.

Right: I wore this dress again on a sunny day out in Leicester! Dress was £4.49 from the extra care charity shop

Left: Having a really unconfident day I threw on these super comfy leopard print trousers (£2.49 from the BHF) and a tshirt to go out and run some errands

Right: I was feeling unconfident still so I threw on this orange top with a black fitted skirt and tights for a night out with my bloggers! Only charity shop item here was the jacket, £4.50 from LOROS

Left: After giving myself a bit of a talking to I opted for this body skimming maxi dress (bought last month from Sue Ryder for £1) and go into town, to the library and also for a sit blogging in pret!

Right: I love this striped dress that I bought from H&M last year as I find it really figure flattering. Worn underneath my new to me denim jacket (£3.49 from LOROS)

Left: Went to the cinema on Saturday and went for this Striped skirt (£3 from a charity shop in Hinckley) with my denim jacket again.

Right: For a blogger event Sunday which you can read about here I wanted something cool for travelling in. So out popped the leopard print trousers again, paired with this bandeau top. Of course I threw on my denim jacket!

So there you have it. Hopefully I will be back with another next week!

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