Monday, 2 May 2016

Why I Have Left Slimming World And #NoWeighMay

I want to start by saying that I think Slimming World is amazing. I think that the meals are delicious, and I think that the overall plan is amazing. However, when you struggle with mental health issues like I do I find the pressure to lose weight has been excruciating. I feel like recently the number on the scale has meant more to me than anything else. I have been beating myself up on a regular basis, kicking myself for gaining the weight in the first place, wanting to not go out and socialise. Restricting what I eat and then binge eating after a couple of days and it has really been taking it out of me.

I weighed myself on Saturday after deciding enough was enough and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had maintained my weight. I decided however that I am going to participate in #NoWeighMay. This will mean no scales, no measurements for the whole of may. Instead I am going to be eating and exercising and each week I will be talking about how I am feeling, both physically and mentally and hopefully when I do decided to weigh myself again it wont have so much emphasis on my life.

I know that I am obese and I have weight to lose to be healthy but I need to realise that my mental health is just as important long term as this. What is the point in being thin if to do it I have to sacrifice my mental wellbeing?

Hopefully I will be cooking more and taking the control of my life back into my own hands! Anyone want to join me?

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