Thursday, 30 June 2016

BODY POSITIVE: This audiobook changed my life ...

Let me break this to you gently ... I am fat. Now I am not using this word as a derogatory term, society has attached that negativity to the word, I am using it to merely describe the fact that I have excess adipose tissue. Mainly on my belly, as much as I wish it would move to my boobs and as such I occasionally frequently get asked when I'm due. 

It used to really get to me. In fact one of the reasons I started blogging was to try and share some of the amazing things I found at charity shops and yet I was too shy to put outfits together for my blog. I had this urge to be a fashion blogger and even following loads of confident plus size bloggers didn't help. You see when I looked at them I thought well yeah, it's ok that she has a rounder tummy because she has big boobs to balance it out. Me? I barely touch the sides of my B cup bra.

Jes is quite clear on her book that body positivity is inclusive of all bodies. As small or big, as able or unable that they might be. The chapters focus on health, love, fashion, acceptance and really anything you could wonder about accepting your body.

I spent the most time in hospital at my sickest when I was also at my thinnest.

Happiness and weight have no correlation. I have been happy and fat (I got married as a fat bride), miserable and fat, happy and thin and miserable and thin.

I would love for everyone to listen to or read this book. Also follow Jes blog here. Maybe if we could just start sharing all types of bodies in our little corners of the Internet we could inspire a change in the wider media?

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  1. Thank you SO much, you amazing human you.

    1. No thank YOU. I am now listening to hot and heavy :)

  2. This book sounds really positive and uplifting,I will definitely check it out :) thanks for sharing! x

    Hannah (Hannah Gets Hench)


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