Tuesday, 28 June 2016

FASHION: What I Wore On My Holiday ...

I love documenting what I have worn on my holiday, and I am a little dissapointed with how these photos have turned out. I didnt know whether to post them, but then I thought hey why not. Its quite interesting to me to see which of my items from my last holiday (post here) Anyway here goes ...

I tend to take a lot of outfits with me on holiday and then tell myself I am going to wear them all but then by halfway through I find myself finding some of my outfits are too much of a faff and I just want to be comfy. Although most of my dresses are comfy (and this yellow one has been worn on a few holidays now and for 99p originally, the cost per wear must be pennies now!) i found myself wishing I had shorts and tshirts to throw on during the day. Lesson to myself.

Left: Dress originally papaya, bought from scope for £4.99

Centre: H&M playsuit £7.99 (the only brand new piece of clothing in this post) Kimono top, originally F&F bought from BHF for £2.79

Right: Yellow dress, charity shop in Blackpool, 99p
I didnt realise how blurry these photos were until I uploaded them so I apologise for that! However if you subscribe to my Thrifty Fashion Blog you will see over the next few weeks that I have some full outfit posts! 

Left: Dress originally from papaya, bought from LOROS £5.50

Centre: Dress originally from ZARA, bought from Barnardos £1.99

Right: Swimsuit from very last year, hat current season New Look £9.99 and Sunnies £4 from tiger
When shopping for this holiday I feel like I had a bit of an obsession with maxi dresses (spoiler, there were two more that came on holiday and didn't get worn and two more at home I didnt even take.) However I think they will be perfect in the UK ... if we ever get a summer. I have never worked out how to pull off a maxi in any other season so if you have any advice on this please let me know!
Left: Dress originally kushi, bought from LOROS £4.50
Centre: F+F sale buy a few years ago £6
Right: My Tinkerbell dress! No brand, £3.95 from Sense

I told you I like maxi dresses right? I tend to wear dresses more than anything and I wish I could bring the kind of holiday confidence of wearing dresses so often back to the UK but I tend to worry about getting cold and shove on leggings. This though I shall be working on!


Left: Vintage shop in Dublin for around 10 euros

Centre: Dress from sense, £3.95

Right: Maxi dress, originally papaya, £3 Scope

So there you go! What I wore on my holiday. I am increasingly proud to see that my wardrobe is getting closer and closer to being all from charity shops and now with my 100 day spending ban I am looking forward to getting more wear out of my wardrobe without buying new clothes and seeing what doesnt work for me!

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  1. Ooo I love your Dublin dress! They're all lovely!

    1. Thankyou! As soon as I spotted it I knew I was getting it haha


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