Saturday, 4 June 2016

Goodbye May ... Hello June!

So last month was a bit up and down and I feel like I totally neglected this little space of the internet! Its not that I didn't feel the passion to blog, I had a lot of ideas flying at me at 2 or 3 in the morning when I was at work, but I just haven't had the confidence. Sounds silly right? I have been happily keeping up with the posts where I spill out my feelings about the FODMAP diet, and my Anxiety but I have had no desire to take photos, have been comparing myself to other bloggers a whole lot and just genuinely feeling not good enough.

However, twice in the last week people have been in touch with me to say they read my blog and its helped them in some way and that made me really happy. I know I don't do this for other people I do it for myself but when I feel like myself isn't worth it, its nice to know other people are getting something out of it.

My most popular post this month was my post about the Premiere of the Miss England documentary I attended. This post was also a catalyst in making me start to look into the radical self love movement. I am changing my attitude one day at a time, trying to love myself despite my flaws, and encouraging anyone I meet to do the same. I mean really, why is being fat the worst thing in the world?

My FODMAP Diary posts have also sparked a lot of interest and this is something I will be blogging about in the future as I continue to explore the diet and try to control the symptoms of my chronic illness with diet, mindfulness and exercise, without the need for pills!

Oddly, my June Charity Shop, which was the first I ever wrote for this blog has been getting a lot of traffic this month!

So, with that said, what does June have in store for me and the blog?

Apart from working many more hours at work to put money aside for our house deposit I am going to London, Malta, The Bloggers Parlour summer scoop party ... and just generally trying to keep ploughing through and making my life mine one step at a time.

What do you have planned this month?

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