Monday, 6 June 2016

Launching A Second Blog ...

So its something I have always wanted to do, launch a fashion blog. I love reading fashion blogs, and getting inspiration, but as you will know I am a lover of charity shops. I really struggled with the confidence to go for it on this project. One of the main things I have been struggling with is actually where I fit in. You see, I read a lot of plus size fashion blogs, and admire the body confidence they seem to pour. My favourites at the moment are Becky, Leah and Debz who all look fantastic and really showcase what the plus size fashion industry have to offer.

However, I thought why should my size determine my right to make a fashion blog? Surely the equation should go I want to blog about fashion so lets do it? That's pretty much what I decided and that is how Shoestring Chic was born. Officially launching on July 6th with a giveaway of a selection of things that I have sourced mostly from charity shops and budget havens!

I will be moving my Buyers Archive post over there too, as it seems fitting that a post where I share all the things I purchase in charity shops should go on my blog mostly about charity shopping!

You can follow the blog on bloglovin and also follow on Instagram or just head over to Shoestring Chic to have a look! I will be posting twice a week on there

I would really appreciate your support and I am looking forward to putting effort into improving my photograpy and making this blog a success! I am also putting together a blog roll for it (nobody seems to do these anymore) so if you are a budget or charity shop blogger please leave your link below!

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