Wednesday, 22 June 2016

LETS TALK: Body Image.

I am sitting here on the last night of my holiday, iPod in hand, typing out this post because I couldn't not.

Having spent the last few weeks trying to kind of dip my toe into the body positive community I felt scared. Was I really going to start to love my body, just the way it was or was that just a cop out for a failed serial dieter? 

I've struggled with knowing where I fit in in the fashion blogging community too. I've always loved fashion and charity shopping (secret confession: I'd love to be a stylist) but I've felt my size was an issue to be a fashion blogger.

I've followed countless plus size bloggers who have truly curvy bodies, huge boobs and hips but a nipped in waist. This isn't me. 

Let's get this out there in the open:

I constantly get asked if I'm pregnant and when the baby is due. 

A mixture of genetics and my IBS means that a lot of the time I'm bloated. I have near non existent boobs and a huge, usually bloated belly. 

I have spent this holiday listening to Jes Bakers things no one will tell fat girls and her attitude is refreshing. Not only does she talk about how even the plus size community isn't all inclusive yet (and states that body positivity is inclusive of ALL BODIES) but she makes it clear that the notion of healthy is the new currency in our society which can be just as exclusive.

Living with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, IBS, depression and anxiety my body may not be described as healthy but I am trying my hardest to look after it. I am figuring out what kind of diet I need to keep my body helping (and spoiler alert I think dairy may have to go ...) and I am trying to start moving when I can! 

What I am more sure of than ever is that I am going to start wearing what I want! I posted the image below on Instagram this week (shoestringchicblog) and was overwhelmed by the comments and messages I received, all positive too

There I am in a green maxi dress, belly an all. I'm not going to say I was totally confident in the dress, I wasn't. But I was comfortable. 

So what happens now? I have a few more audiobooks I wish to devour (and I strongly recommend that you either read or listen to things no one will tell fat girls by Jes Baker aka The Militant Baker

I also intend to make this blog and especially my new fashion blog (shameless plug - Shoestring Chic) have a strong body positive tone. I will be wearing what I want, and not letting the fact that I am the owner of a fat body stop me in any way. Life is too short to spend one more second doing anything but loving my body, and I'd really love to see some of my friends loving themselves a lot more too 


  1. I honestly think you look great in that picture, Charlotte! I gained a lot of weight when I went on a certain medication. I managed to lose some but then my doc took me off a medicine that has a weight loss side effect and there goes the weight gain! I feel like my body is lumpy, not curvy and due to depression I have no motivation to exercise. I feel like I have to get better disciplined but it is so hard when your body never feels full.

    1. Thankyou.

      I honestly just want the whole world to feel that weight is not the deciding factor on happiness, and I think that's important in the spoonie community x

  2. This is fabulous!!! I wish weight wasn't such a indicator of happiness for some people (I have friends who are really miserable because of it!) And you DID look fab in that, frankly amazing, green dress!!

    1. Thanks :) I genuinely just feel like I cant spend anymore time stressing about it. I have life to live and the time is going to pass anyway whether I am fat or thin so I may aswell enjoy it.


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