Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mind VS Body.

I have found recently that my mind is a lot better and a lot healthier. After going through a few weeks of extreme travel anxiety I seem to be coping with it much better. I wouldn't say I have cured it, that would be silly, I have to take steps to reduce my anxiety on bus journeys (more on that next week) but it is getting better.

However, my body is once again giving up on me.

Fibromyalgia is cruel. Sometimes I feel like it isnt here. I am just tired, but every body gets tired don't they? This time it started with a bad back, that despite pain killers and plenty of hot baths it was constantly there. Then I got a sickness bug and it knocked me for six. 

I am trying to declutter my house, but finding that I can only do small amounts per day due to fatigue. Today I had planned to clean the bathroom but after going into town to run a few errands, all i have been able to do is sort the rubbish and then sit with the fan on on my bed. My mind however wants to go out for a run and wear a floaty dress and walk through a field barefoot ... yeah just me?

I was talking to my friend Tania about how spoonies are the strongest people I have ever met. You know? Invisible illness is one of those things that so many people discount. So many people tell you to snap out of it, tell you theyve been in pain too but it will pass. Dont get me wrong, I have good days and bad days but chronic means it. I have been in pain constantly for about 5 years now and I still dont think the doctors know what to do with me.

To everyone else who feels let down by their body, keep doing you, you are doing great!


  1. I hope you have more good days in the near future. It really sucks when your body is not in tune with your mind.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  2. I totally relate to the experience of having your mind wanting to you do one thing while your body just can't keep up. Sometimes I joke with my husband that I feel like I have a race car engine in a clunky used car from the eighties :P

  3. I think you definitely are a strong person for dealing with chronic pain like this - I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel. :-(

    Paula /


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