Friday, 10 June 2016

SPOONIE: Sometimes You End Up In The Dark ...

The worst thing about depression in my opinion is how you can suddenly be catapulted back into the dark even when you having seemingly good times. Two nights ago, after a lovely night out with the hubby I found myself questioning some personal things, from years ago actually and found myself deep in a dark hole.

I wrote a post about it, which I have decided not to share, but actually just getting it written down helped. I also got talking to Tania and Kirsty who both helped me to feel a little better before I went to bed and I wanted to thank them (oh go and check out their blogs because they are actual babes. 

Yesterday I had to go to work and today I have taken a few naps.

My pain level has been high enough to be waking me up at night, and just in the interests of full disclosure here I think I have a UTI. Which, you know is always the case right before my holiday ...

However I now have two more shifts before I go and I fully intend to relax on my holiday (I said to Kirsty I will be flatlayed on a sunbed as soon as i get there ... Lets just ignore the fact we arrive in the middle of the night)

I hope you are all ok, and remeber that you are never alone!



  1. I really hope you feel better soon. I understand depression never truly goes but hopefully you can find new techniques to help. Reading this really made me think of my sister in law. She had a bad past and it still affects her so much now as an adult, it's nice to know that she's not alone, thank you for sharing! X

    1. Sometimes it can be the loneliest place but having this platform to talk about it has helped me no end. Hope your sister in law is ok and if she ever needs someone to talk to or rant at send her my way :)


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