Thursday, 23 June 2016

SPOONIE: The FODMAP Elimination Diaries ... Take Two.

So lets do this again shall we?

If you read this post, you will know that I attempted the FODMAP Elimination diet last month, however things got on top of me, I failed to plan and I found myself either not eating at all or eating things that I knew would make me ill but I was just so hungry that I couldn't stop myself. So this time I am going to take the bull by the horns, but only take a few days at a time so that I am not putting myself under too much pressure.

I have two FODMAP diet books by Dr Sue Sheppard, the monash app, and a cupboard full of safe foods. Starting today I will be putting pictures of every meal on my Instagram (charlottefodmapfoodie) and I will be back weekly with an update, how does that sound?

Lets recap my current symptoms:

Bloating - to the excess that I look pregnant.

Bowel Troubles - Switching between C+D symptoms almost daily. I used to only have D but I think I may have taken a bit too much loperamide recently.

Anxiety - caused mostly by the worry of leaving the safety of anywhere with a toilet

Itchy rash on my hands - which had disappeared when I was doing FODMAP before.

I intend to do this for a few weeks until my symptoms settle and then I will be starting the re introduction phase. I probably wont be eating out during this time but if I do I will be sure to review the FODMAP friendly options around!!

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  1. Good luck! I keep falling off the wagon too (bread and milk are way too tasty!). Interestingly, I too currently have an itchy rash on my hands (kind of like dry skin just over my knuckles on each hand that itches and burns and stings, especially when wet!).


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