Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tiger bargain sunnies

I am the first to admit that Charity Shopping has spoilt me. I have got used to spending £5 or less on dresses. I have got used to being able to find Jewellery for less than £1. So, when this year I had in my head the kind of sunglasses that I wanted you'll forgive me for thinking I would be able to buy them easily.

So when less than a week to go to my holiday I was still searching for the perfect sunnies I was at a bit of a loss. I had seen some heart shaped Monki ones on asos for £10 and was going to purchase them ... but when I went back they disappeared. I was all ready to give up and just pop to primark and settle for whatever when I popped into tiger (to look for a headphone splitter actually)

I picked up those pairs straight away and while trying to decide between them noticed they were only FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS a pair. So of course I ran to the till with both pairs! Whats more is they come with a little pouch to! Very impressed!

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