Wednesday, 6 July 2016

EMPTIES: June 2016

So I promised I would be doing empties posts again and here we go! I feel like I am not getting through things that quickly, which is because a) I like to make my products last and b) I have that many that I tend to flit between them! Last month I used up a lot of face masks and bits on holiday but unfortunately lost the pictures so here we go from left to right!

Just to let you know, all the prices quoted are the RRP for a full size, I would naturally shop around if I was going to replace them.

Wilkos muscle bath soak 85p

This was a good dupe for the radox soaks, but if the radox were on offer for £1 I would have preferred them. I needed a lot of this product to make a good bubbly bath!

Would I repurchase? YES but only if I couldn't get radox on offer!

Boots tea tree and witch hazel face mask 99p

I love most of the range, but this face mask was rubbish! Its meant to be a peel off mask and take 20 minutes but I left it longer and longer and it never dried enough to peel!

Would I repurchase? NO

Bee good 2-in-1 cream cleanser honey and propolis £11.50

I absolutely loved this product! Given to me in a goodie bag from the west midlands blogger meet and I have really tried to savour it! Its really creamy and smells delicious. It doesn't take much to smooth it into my face. Unfortunately its slightly out of my skincare budget at the moment, but I would love to receive it as a birthday present (oh and you know its my birthday this month!)

Would I Repurchase? YES but only as a really special treat!

Radox uplifting shower gel £1.40

This scent was lovely. It was a grapefruit and really, as the title says, it was really uplifting! I enjoyed this, but I wouldn't pay full price for it. I am such a cheap skate aren't I?

Would I Repurchase? YES but only if it was on offer.

Soap and Glory Face, Soap, Clarity £8

I am not totally sold on this one! It seemed to dry out my face, although when my face was quite oily it was really nice. Sadly though I didn't like it enough to say I would repurchase it.

Would I Repurchase? NO

Johnsons baby bedtime bath £2

I loved this in my bath at night, I really felt that it helped get me off to sleep! It didn't really make bubbles, so I generally mixed it with something else!

Would I Repurchase? YES

So there you have it this months empties! Have you tried any of these products and what did you think?

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  1. Ooh, I really love the Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath! I have a 10 month old son and I am literally forever stealing his toiletries because they all smell so nice! The baby oil gel is also amazing for shaving your legs with as it acts as an in shower moisturiser too! X

    Sarah |

    1. |Ooo I definately need to try out the baby oil gel sometime haha you enabler :P


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