Sunday, 31 July 2016

Goodbye July

July has been yet again a funny old month. There have been a lot of amazing times with my blogger friends such as the Bodega Cantina launch and the Blogger Tiki Party. I also had a lovely birthday going for afternoon tea with the lovely Kirstie and Laura. Ive eaten some lovely food, before starting the fodmap diet again tomorrow! I have finally launched my fashion blog Shoestring Chic which I am really enjoying creating content for. I inted to post a fashion post and a body positive post each week and am hoping to re start my charity shop directory over there soon.

After a few things that came to a head this month in the blogging world I had thought about closing down my blog all together. However, after talking to some of my closest blogging friends I have decided to stay put. I love my little blog and I am sticking to my guns of why I am here. I am here to make friends, talk about my life as a spoonie (update coming on that next week) and just keep going. This blog has helped my mental health more than I can explain and I cant wait to keep meeting new people and having more adventures.

I spent the past 24 hours in hospital, and actually met the nicest two consultants I have ever had to deal with who seem to finally have to have got a plan in place for me and I am feeling optimisitc! So onwards and upwards, I cant promise how often I will be posting but I have a few little things to review etc and a few ideas written down!

Do you know I have a fashion blog? Read it here 

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