Monday, 4 July 2016

LIFE: Hello July ...

I know this is a few days late, I usually try do these on the first of the month and I had been debating whether it is something I would want to continue ... however I like sitting and looking ahead at the month and also possibly setting some goals!

So how was June?

Well if we forget about the pyelonephritis, the chronic fatigue and the need to sleep for most of it June was a pretty good month! I survived it anyway and I had a much needed holiday to Malta. I didn't manage to go to London or attend the bloggers summer scoop party though

My post popular post by far this month was my Let's talk body image shall we post and I am glad to see that as it is one of my most personal. I had got to the point where I was sick of putting things on hold until I got to a certain weight and basically thought sod it, and I am trying to practice radical self love.

So what has July got in store?

  • There are a few blogging events in the pipeline including a bodega cantina launch, a lunch, the bloggers tiki party and a loccataine event!
  • I'm trying to squeeze in seeing some of my favourites!
  • I'm pretty sure I will be paying off credit card 1/2 and it will be gone forever
  • Its my birthday month!!
  • I'm going to London and staying in the Aloft hotel with Tom
  • I launched my second blog at the weekend and you can enter my giveaway here
What are my July Goals?

To keep on practising self love. In all aspects of my life.

Do you know I have a fashion blog? Read it here 

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