Wednesday, 20 July 2016

LETS TALK: A Few Little Things

This is another one of those brain dump kind of posts but I feel like I just want to get it all down on screen and then see where I go from there! Recently I, like a lot of my blogger friends, have been feeling a little dispondent with the community. I feel there has been a real seismic shift in those blogging for a hobby, and those that want this to be their career. Its not that there is anything wrong with that, its just that I feel its this whole thing of relatability. You see less and less people saying what they really think. Theres more and more paid for adverts and product reviews on blogs, and I feel this makes me wonder who I can trust. I love empties posts because if I know the blogger has used the whole product I feel that I can trust their review. Also there has been a few bloggers sharing products not worth the hype which I have also enjoyed.

I have really enjoyed posting my fashion posts over on my new blog, and I felt this space has become a little lost in what I want to do with it. And so I probably won't be posting over the next week while I sit and think and plan. Nothing dramatic but I wont be leaving, I love this little space here, I just need to decide going forward what I want to do! I will be going back on the FODMAP elimination diet, talking a lot more about health, body positivity, money saving and really just going back to my roots of running this little blog because I enjoy it and want to make friends! Now how does that sound?

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  1. I can understand that about feeling that things aren't so relatable! I still feel like I have a lot of blog friends who haven't gone that way, so that is good, but I can see what you mean!

    1. My bloglovin feed seems to be half and half and I reallyy need to sort it out. Theres the half who are mainly bloggers I luckily count as friends who have stuck true and then others that I follow that seem to have changed dramatically. These I really need to unfollow.


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