Sunday, 21 August 2016

BLOG LOVE: Sunday Round Up One.

Last Saturday when I was at the east midlands blogger meet I realised that my favourite thing about this blog is the fact it has lead me to meet some other amazing bloggers. Recently the community, myself included, seem to have become wrapped up in ourselves. Its not always a bad thing but when the emphasis has shifted to getting the nicest photos, the freshest posts and the fastest turnaround on posts. There's always someone else we are trying to impress and we have forgotton about the community aspect. Last weekend changed all that in my head when I met this large group of girls and barely took any photos. I wasn't thinking about the blog and I wasn't thinking about the lighting or the DA. I was just enjoying myself being surrounded by all these other creatives.

So is there a point in this? Yes. Inspired by Becky Bedbug I want to share some of my favourite blog posts each week from other girls (and boys if I spot any!) and I encourage others to do the same. Lets show everyone which posts we have been reading and loving. Lets retweet people more. Lets leave more comments and lets just spread the love a little more.

What blog posts have I been loving?

My gorgeous friend Becky wrote a post about how she felt that she had screwed up by forgetting that her blog was a hobby. I felt I could totally relate to the post because I know towards the end of last year I became obsessed with trying to squeeze this blog into a niche and work with brands. I soon realised that I wanted this blog to be about anything and everything and I am so much happier now that I am doing that (and I have more regular readers so its all gravy)

My other lovely friend Rebecca wrote a post about why she is a feminist and it hit the nail on the head with so many important issues. She talks about the fact that worldwide things we take for granted in the UK such as not having our genitals mutilated and being legally able to have abortions, are things that girls worldwide face issues with. I love that her blog talks about these issues and more, I need to take a leaf from her book on this!!

Saira from through the glitter glass wrote a post about why shes looking forward to autumn and it got me full of all the feels! Bring on the hot chocolate (If anyone knows a good dairy free one I would love to know!) I am looking forward to autumn so much, cosy clothes are my favourite and I cant wait to cuddle up with a good book!! 

What have you guys been loving this week?

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  1. Aww thank you so much for featuring me :) I might do a favourite blogs feature myself soon! Is this going to be a weeekly/monthly thing? I read the other two anyway so I hope to see more posts like this where I can find good people to follow based on your word xx

    1. Hey its going to be a weekly thing! Im hoping to maybe do up to like 5 posts a week and I just love the idea of sharing what I am loving and getting more people reading more blogs. I also want to encourage more commenting on blogs!


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