Monday, 22 August 2016

FOODIE: Breakfast at Delilah Leicester

After being invited to the Launch night at Delilah the other week I was really keen to get Tom to visit with me and sample their menu. So we decided to go for breakfast to get me fuelled before the East Mids Meet Up.

Choosing what to have was the hardest part. The extensive menu is filled with items from the deli and so whatever you choose you are bound to have made a good choice - no envy from your companions! There is something for everyone from their chunky toast, homemade granola to rarebit and French toast. As its all cooked fresh as well its really easy for someone like me with multiple food intolerances to find something I could eat!

I decided to have a Luscombe Sicilian lemonade which was beautifully refreshing, while Tom chose from their coffee menu ... which currently has 38 different blends on it!! In the end I have no idea which coffee he actually chose but I had a sip and it was the most beautiful coffee I have ever tasted!

Anyway! Onto the main attraction, the food!! Tom went for the Delilah Gourmet Breakfast ... which comes with boston sausage, Italian pancetta, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, egg ... and then he added haggis as an extra!! I only got to try the pancetta but that was beautiful.

I on the other hand went for a doorstop sandwich ... ordering slightly off menu asking for avocado instead of tomato but the staff were more than accommodating to this! The bread was so soft and the bacon was possibly the nicest I have ever tasted.

Coming in at just over £20 for the two of us, its not the cheapest breakfast we have ever been for but I was more than willing to pay that for such high quality ingredients. The staff were extremely friendly and we were able to have a browse of the deli after we had finished. We will definitely be visiting again!

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