Monday, 8 August 2016

FOODIE: Delilah Leicester

On friday last week I was invited to the launch night of Delilah in Leicester. Situated just out of St Martins Square (what I like to think of as the trendy part of Leicester) delilah has turned a derelict bank into a wonderful deli and restaurant offering the finest foods. The downstairs is a deli market offering fresh produce, cheese, breads, wines, meats ... everything you could want to indulge in fancy foods. 

Im not much of a drinker to be fair but there was plenty on offer for us to try. What amazed me was how many different brands were available to buy! I ended up only making one purchase on the night (a bottle of totally brewed beer for Tom) but I will be going back possibly next week to buy a few more bits and pieces! 


The meats and cheeses selection was extensive, and I definately had my fair share of tasters! Tom and I regularly have port and cheese nights and I am sure in the near future I will be purchasing them from here! I am also really excited to try there food you eat in store - everything they make in the restaurant is available to buy in the shop, how many places can say that?

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