Monday, 1 August 2016

Hello August

I know, I know, that old blogger cliche of where is this year going but thats the feelings I have right now! It seems that each month is going faster and faster. I am looking forward to this month and getting back into the blog properly. I am going to be concentrating more on sharing more spoonie posts - how I am coping with my anxiety currently etc - as well as going back to my roots with budget and things.

Last month my most popular post on here were: 

Lets Talk: The Ugly Side Of Blogging

Lets Talk: The Youtube Haul Culture

Foodie: Bodega Launch 

Event: The Blogger Tiki Party

Slimming World Thursdays One 

Which seems to show that people like my honest posts, you know the ones where I sit down moan and have a bit of a ramble? So I promise that I will do more of those in future. I don't know how the last one slipped into there! Its from years ago and I dont even do Slimming World anymore, and actually I felt it was good for my mental health to leave!

I have a lot to look forward to this month. I have finally got myself into a routine at work doing monday to wednesday nights and I am going to hope that frees up some time to be blogging more regularly. As well as this I have a few things to look forward to: 

  • Rush Salon opening event
  • East Mids Meetup 
  • Off the Scale Vintage Party
  • Delilah open event
  • NottsAlzeihemersMeetUp

Hopefully I will see a few of my blogging friends too! I would like to hopefully meet up with my blogger friends and shoot some outfits and maybe go for coffee. Apart from that I am going to be decluttering my house and trying to make it work a little better for me and I may blog about it, I have made some cheeky purchases for the house recently.

Hows august looking for you?

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