Tuesday, 16 August 2016

KNOW YOUR NORMAL: Whats it all about?

I'm not sure how many of you know this but I am passionate about health, and especially about how prevention is better than cure. From working in the NHS and in a wide range of settings one thing that always stands out is that many people appear at the GP or the hospital when something has gotten so bad that they can't be treated. When the diabetes has gotten so bad that they have to have things amputated, or their lump has gotten so big that they can't ignore it. The stark fact of the matter is that I have met a lot of patients that say "I wish I had have gone to the doctor sooner"

So when I heard about Know Your Normal I knew I had to get involved! Firstly you have to go and follow them on twitter here. Working with charities coppa feel and count the kicks, and also alongside brands such as pink parcel there aim is to empower women. As they say we are constantly hit over the head with information about what is and isn't normal, but actually knowing what is normal for you is so important.

Did you know not everyone with breast cancer gets a lump?

Not everyone has periods on certain contraception?

That knowing your own pattern of bowel movements is important?

I am going to be exploring this over the next few weeks, and hopefully helping to get a conversation started. Too often I think we google. For example, I used to have very heavy periods all of a sudden. I googled it and someone told me they had heavy periods and that was normal. It turned out I actually had a rather large ovarian cyst which I had removed. It is so important to encourage people to know what is normal for them.

Next week I am going to be talking all things smear tests!

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