Wednesday, 3 August 2016

LIFE: My New 101 in 1001 List

A while ago I wrote a 101 in 1001 list and recently while looking at it I realised that a lot of the goals dont sit right anymore.There are a lot related to weight loss and recipes I can no longer have in light of my intolerances. So I thought I would start again! Here we go: 

Start: July 31st 2016
Finish: April 28th 2019

Health and Fitness

Run In The Colour Run
Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Complete the 30 Day Shred
Take a ballet class
Make daily yoga a habit 
Float in a floatation tank  
Take a belly dancing class
Take a pole dancing class
Take a hot yoga class 
Go to a trampoline park


Days and Nights Out

Go on a picnic  
Go Ice Skating
Go Zorbing
Visit An Ice Bar
Go to chester zoo
Visit Pembroke castle
Visit London Zoo
Visit Scotland 
See 5 shows I havent seen before
Attend Pride
Visit the Cath Kidston outlet store
Sing on Karaoke
Try skiing
Go to Go Ape
Go to London Fashion Week
Build a Snowman

Finance and Savings

Clear my credit card 
Participate in the tenner week challenge
Save a £25k house deposit
Complete a 100 day spending ban 
Complete a weekly spend report every week for 3 months


Donate blood 5 times 
Volunteer in a charity shop
Host a dinner party
Raise £1000 for LOROS 
Watch 100 new to me films
Watch 10 documentaries
Take a midfulness course
Read for at least 30 minutes a day for a month
Decide what job I want and go out and get it 
Listen to 10 inspiring audiobooks
House and Home     

Buy a vintage trunk to keep my bags in
Host Christmas dinner at our house 
Organise my wardrobe and keep it that way
Purchase white bedding
Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it  
Make hampers for my family at Christmas
Make a Christmas eve box for me and Tom 
Replace the curtains in the bedroom
Create a bar cart

Foodie Things

Try 25 new recipes (and blog about them)
Successfully grow herbs
Learn to bake
Feed my freezer
Eat a 10 independant restaurants
Make cocktails at home 
Go meatless on mondays for a month
Make my own afternoon tea
Learn to bake bread 
Buy a cheese knife set
Learn to make macarons 
Make a rainbow layer cake
Go one month without fast food
Go one month without takeaway coffee 
Master some brunch recipes
Master a roast dinner


Visit Amsterdam
Visit Iceland
Visit Poland
Spend a weekend away with no internet


Learn to sew
Make myself a dress
Learn to walk in high heels
Have a boudoir shoot
Find the perfect little black dress
Buy some beautiful lingerie
Go charity shopping in London
Buy a bikini I look fab in
Give Tom £20 and challenge him to charity shop me an outfit
Buy only second hand clothes for one year
Create an Inventory of my wardrobe


Master eyeliner
Get a facial
Get a hot stone massage
Have my teeth whitened
Get HD Brows done
Perfect my skin care routine
Use up my stash of products before buying more  
Grow my hair long again 
Find the perfect red lipstick


Create a scheduele and stick to it
Attend 10 blogger meet ups or events
Get my DA over 20 on Discovering Charlotte
Get my DA over 20 on Shoestring Chic
Advertise on 10 Amazing blogs
Complete a charity shop directory of leicester
Guest post on a charitys blog
Start a 100 days happy series
Collab with 10 different bloggers

And finally ... write another 101 in 1001 list!

I would love to know if any of you are doing anything similar

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  1. I did something like this with mine too! It's only 10 months into my 101 goals and I have re-written them (the post goes up this weekend) because so many of my goals have needed taking out or adapting!

    Best of luck getting them all done!

    Rebecca, libfemblog x


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