Sunday, 25 September 2016

BLOG LOVE: Sunday round up five!

I don't know if its just because I have been watching lots of fashion week coverage this week but looking back through the posts I have been loving on bloglovin they are all very fashion related! On top of that I have a list as long as my arm of posts I want to write for Shoestring Chic and I am gettin really excited about the prospect of getting stuck in!

Anyway which posts have I been loving this week?

1. £1 Oasis Skirt

 Well you know by now that I love me a charity shop bargain (and if you dont you are probably new here so hi!) and nothing gets me more excited than something of quality that costs just one english pound! Hannah bought this oasis skirt for that solitary pound and I love the outfit she put together with it!

2. What To Wear To London Fashion Week 

When I met lana at the bloggers festival last year I couldnt help but be in awe of how put together she looked. I was strangely drawn to her outfit in this post despite the fact that I never wear jeans! I thought it was the perfect outfit that looked comfy but well put together, smart but not too done up!

3.My first charity shop shopping spree at LOROS 

 When I took Sophie to one of my favourite charity shops I was so bloody nervous! Anyone who regularly charity shops it can be a gold mine but it can also leave you feeling down. For this reason I chose to take her to By Design, a curated shop by LOROS. I was so excited that all three of us (Kirstie came too) managed to find gems!! 
4. Things no-one will tell fat girls: the g-rated version

Anyone who listens to me will know I have listened to this audiobook in full twice and random bits most days. When I need a boost it tells me what I need to hear (fat isnt the worst thing, I am worthy regardless of my weight etc) and so I loved jes for posting this G rated version on the blog!

5. Blogging, Twitter & Sponsorship - what should you be declaring

I am starting to think of Hayley as my guru for all things blogging. I make no secret in the fact that I have no intention to blog full time, however I eventually like to work with brands etc especially on my fashion blog. Hayley is a wonderful fountain of knowledge who manages to put things so plainly and is always happy to answer questions! Everyone should read this!

So there you go! Which posts have you been loving this week? I would love for more people to take part in this, so why not upload your own bloglove post on a sunday? I might even start a linky if people are interested ...

Do you know I have a fashion blog? Read it here 


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