Sunday, 18 September 2016

BLOG LOVE: Sunday round up four.

Its only Thursday as I am starting to write this but already this week there are a few posts that have stood out to me and I wanted to make sure I shared the love with these bloggers! There is a real mix of posts I have loved this week (and a few bloggers I have featured in my blog love posts before! These girls are killing it!)

1. Why I can't eat spanish biscuits any more

When I started reading this post I had no idea where it would have taken me by the end. A post that started off making me think about how food can make you reminisce and left me thinking a lot about health, specifically mental health and who I used to be. A beautifully written piece from Hannah

2. My Transplant Journey Part One

I didn't use a photo from Josies blog post, because I felt her post was so personal that I didn't want to. Anyway, I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about the importance of organ donation this week but none are as personal as this! Josie seemed to disappear from her blog for months - and for good reason she was having a double lung transplant! Her post is so well written and really opened my eyes to how important being a donor is (I am a donor and have been since I was old enough to be!)

3. Not fat enough for plus size

I fell in love with Lucinda when she was shortlisted for bloggers blog awards (to which I am so excited to be attending! Will I be meeting you there?) anyway her post this week sums up how I have been feeling recently about myself. I look at smaller bloggers and think I wish I looked like you, and then look at bigger bloggers and think wow I wish I had your figure. Lucinda talks about being slap bang in the middle and I think I just need to take a leaf from her book and embrace just being me ... whatever size that is.

4. 10 Dos and Donts for new bloggers

Kirstie wrote this post for new bloggers, but I actually think a lot of people could take some advice from this! I really dont want to cause arguements but some of the behaviour I have seen recently on twitter just makes me face palm. People believing that they SHOULD have been invited to things or that they shouldnt have to pay for certain events because, DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM. Stay humble guys, work hard and remember the world doesn't owe you a thing.

5. Getting Older and Body Confidence
Pull Yourself Together 

Right lets first get the obvious point out here: Hannah has a lovely bum. Now thats out, I wanted to include this post because having loved hannahs blog for years now this girl just inspires me. a hard working medical student by day how she manages to produce content daily is beyond me! And yet she is always so down to earth and honest about her struggles with depression.


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