Sunday, 11 September 2016

BLOG LOVE: Sunday round up three.

So here we are again with my round up of five posts I have loved this week. There have been so many great posts on my radar this week. I tend to favourite posts on bloglovin as I go along and then sit on a sunday and scroll through on my ipad trying to pick the five that stand out for me from last sunday to yesterday. Most weeks, like this, I could easily pick out 20 plus but try and go with me gut instinct!

1. Starting My Own Creative Business

I met Shani recently at the East Mids Blogger Meet and was really impressed to find out she has started her own business selling the most adorable iphone cases and cards. Unfortunately she doesnt have any for my crappy and being the times IPhone 4 at the moment else I would have snapped this one up straight away and got it on my phone!!

2. Vegan Thai Spiced noodles

You will usually find me stalking susies blog for her latest charity shop finds, but since I read this post at the beginning of the week I cant stop thinking about noodles! Now I am not vegan, or even vegetarian but I am also always after a bargain and dishes sans meat always come in a good deal cheaper so I cant wait to try this out!!

3. Back on the blogging bandwagon 

I met Kara last year and I am glad she is back to blogging and hope her break did her good! One of my favourite things in this post is the beautiful photos of her time in brighton with her equally beautiful daughter and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us!!

4. Fringe Benefits: Simply Be black fringe dress

Hayley brought this dress to my attention this week and I have not stopped thinking about it. It seems the perfect casual dress that I could throw on all year round with tights and boots, sandals or even heels to jazz it up a bit. She looks fabulous as always!

5. The Forty Item Wardrobe Part 1 (and 2.)
I am genuinely a little obseseed with reading and watching clear out videos and I think it is because I so desperately need to clear out my own stash but I have really enjoyed reading susans reasonings behind what she is keeping and what is going! I am starting to sort through my clothes to donate to my swap shop event and it is so hard!!


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  1. Yey! Thanks for including my noodles! You've made me think about noodles again, I have a noodle obsession at the moment! :) xx

    1. I have had noodles in my head since I saw a recipe on eat well for less using noodles and peanut butter for the sauce and still havent got around to making myself some!


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