Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blog Love: Sunday Round Up Two

So I am sorry I wasn't here last week writing this - I was feeling really unwell. So I am going to round up my favourite posts from the past two weeks.

Im hesitant to say this but the community around my seems to be taking an uphill turn. I have had a bit of an unfollow on twitter and I have decided that I am kind of taking a zero tolerance approach. If things arent inspiring me then I am going to be following. Im not going to unfollow people because they disagree with me, but I am not going to get wrapped up in things that stress me out.

Anyway which posts have I been loving??

1. Why people need a refresher in body positive education

 If you have read my blog before you will probably know how much I love miss Bootes :) So when I heard that she has been called disgusting and discriminating I was very shocked! We couldn't be more different physically, shes a slim gym bunny and Im a fat girl who isnt ashamed of it but this girl could not be more supportive to me if she tried and so I loved her post about basically why body positivity shouldnt be used as an excuse to attack those who enjoy working out and are thin.

2. Why I Blog and The Bloggers Blog Awards

 One of my favourite things about the bloggers blog awards is when I find new blogs that I fall in love with. In fact I would love to help judge next year to discover more and more blogs! Anyway I fell in love with the fashion fictionary and I bloody love her blog and stalked the whole thing!

3. #Staycation: Tropical Birdland

Laura is pretty much the Guru when it comes to local leicester life. You want to know about the best wines, restaurents, events, pub foods she is your go to girl and I have been loving her staycation posts. Ever since she published this one I have been telling Tom he HAS to take me!

4. A close call with the dreaded C


I have always love Charlottes blog for her home decor posts (she has the most beautiful house) but I think this post is so important. She writes about her surgery after a smear test revealed abnormalities and its just another post to drum home how important smear tests are!

5. Bath

 I always love a girl who charity shops, and one that buts amazing print trousers and wears them with confidence will always win my heart. Belphoebe manages to look effortlessly cool in. I love her outfits and this one in particular was so bright and beautiful!
6. Smooth Like Satin

The gorgeous Nancy has been absolutely killing it lately (in fact I had a hard time choosing whether to pick this or her fat womans guide to travel to feature) and in this outfit she looks stunning. I love the trend and I had been put off becuase I felt I couldnt pull it off but you know what thanks to Nancy I think I am going to give it a try!

7. Leaving teaching one year on

So, ill quickly talk about the fact that I love that Donna took a leap and left a career she was unhappy with. She inspires me to look for another job (im not completely unhappy with mine but its just not fitting completely at the moment). I also bloody love this dress, so much that when I knew it was in the sale I went to 4 different sainsburys but could only find it in an 8!

9. Reflections on Planning a blogger event

Kirstie helped to organise a fabulous event in Leicester last month and it was really nice to read her reflections on planning it. We had a long discussion about goody bags and coverage and both agredd its a bit of a grey area with what brands expect in return from events and so I am re evaluating what I will do following events and there is a post coming up next week I hope both you and the brands will enjoy!

So there you have it! 9 wonderful bloggers who have really inspired me this week! You girls all make me want to carry on creating and blogging and really excel with my little space on the internet!

Which posts have you been loving this week?

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  1. Thank you Charlotte, not only for your kinds words but for introducing me to some awesome bloggers I'd never heard of before. You inspire me to work harder on my blog & to support the blogging community more! Just the uplifting post I needed today x

    1. Thankyou gorgeous :) I want the community back like it was when I first started! I am trying to comment on more blogs and find more and more bloggers that seem to blog for the same reasons as me! Cant wait to write this post every week :)

  2. Thank you, tropical birdland is the shit!


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