Tuesday, 6 September 2016

EVENTS: My 5 favourites from the East Midlands Meet Up

Last month I attended the East Midlands Meet Up held in my very own city of Leicester and today I wanted to share with you my favourite things from the goodie bag! I have been talking to a few bloggers recently, both those that host events and those that attend, and a lot of the general feeling at the moment is that brands arent happy with the exposure they are getting from the products they so generously gift us.

It brings up an interesting debate though, as obviously not all of the products are going to inspire the same feelings in all bloggers. I tend not to do review posts anymore, and am sort of experimenting with my blog and the direction I want to go in. However I always try to thank the brands via social media and from now on I think I will be doing these round up posts after each event I attend!

1. Goodies From Matalan

If you are a rgular reader of my blog you know that I am a budget girl through and through and I love matalan homeware! Unfortunately the shop in Leicester doesn't have a home section, but whenever I am anywhere else I go a little bit crazy. They obviously understand bloggers because in the goodie bag was the most amazing instagrammable bits! I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful drinking jar and wooden heart.

(Side note: while writing this post I may have had a look at their Christmas section on the website and now have a basket full ...) 

2. Love Hearts Soap From Carex

I had seen these on social media (I am already in love with the bubblegum and strawberry lace handwashes) so when I saw this was in the goodie bag I squealed a little bit. You know, beauty bloggers get excited about brushes etc ... I get excited by handwash! I cant wait to start using it once my bubblegum one runs out ... I may be washing my hands more frequently as it smells so good! 

3. Melting cleansing balm from Merumaya 

Something I dont talk about enough on the blog is how much I love skincare. My issue comes because I am a real cheapskate when it comes to everyday use! For example, if I have a more high end brand I will tend to use it once a week to make it last as long as possible and in between use my budget favourites (which I will be featuring on Shoestring Chic soon) However, I was very excited to get this melting cleansing balm to try ... especially because I have just run out of my last one!

4. Daily primer and clearing serum from WItch 

When I pulled this out of the bag I was immediately transported back to my teenage days where I had a witch spot balm which I carried with me ALL the time. I was a teenager with pretty good skin but I was petrified of getting spots! I will admit I havent really used anything from witch in the past few years but seeing this made me think of the brand again. It should tick all my boxes, it smells nice, its budget friendly and its available in boots and superdrug (so I get my points! win win)

5. Honey I washed the kids soap from Lush

  As someone who already loves pretty much every single bath bomb and bubble bar that they sell I have only tried one of their soaps before. I think my issue is that I want them to foam up for a really luxurious wash and they just dont seem to do that! However I am looking forward to trying them out!

So there you have it my favourite things from the goody bag! I want to thank Kirstie and Emma once again for working so hard to make sure that the goody bag was filled with quality products and I am pretty sure there was something that everyone could get excited about!  


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  1. I'm loving the Witch primer too, goes on a dream before makeup! And how did I not know that Carex do bubblegum flavour hand wash!? Gonna have to find that now haha x



    1. Oh yeah and there is a bubblegum hand sanitiser!! I really should be a spokes woman for carex :D


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