Friday, 30 September 2016

MONTHLIES: September Round Up

So, at the end of September I have been ill more times that I care to say, my house has been taken over by laundry, mess and just general clutter. Despite this I have had a fantastic month. I have been shopping lots, I have spoken in depth to some of my closest blogger friends and I have finally found a GP that I think gets me and my needs.

I am slowing down on my work a little this month. I have a lot going on over on ShoestringChic (with 31 posts going live in October.) but I am reducing my hours at work to really focus on getting my health together. I'm going to haven next week for the week and I intend to spend a little time on the blog but a lot of time eating, sleeping, watching movies and relaxing with the husband!

My top posts this month have been:

That June charity shop finds seems to keep popping up and so I will be hopefully doing monthly haul posts soon ... But over on shoestring chic!

I have been writing so many things down at 5am on my night shifts that I want to bring into both blogs and I hope that these can materialise. I am really trying to streamline and kind of decided what each blog stands for, as I think they both have purpose. This blog will focus on health, food, local Leicester life while shoestring chic is going to take over hauls, fashion, beauty and positivity and i am looking forward to getting into a schedule on both blogs!

I have stopped worrying so much about stats this month and I am going to continue to have that attitude. I feel like I have a really lovely group of blogger friends surrounding me now and they are all I am going to focus on. There are a few weeds in the flower bed, but you know what I am going to let them do their own thing from now on. I have spent far too long trying to be liked and how does the saying go, "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach and there will always be someone who doesn't like peaches"

October is looking exciting. Starting with the Bloggers Blog Awards, The Wedding Show at the NEC, Haven, east midlands blogger coffee morning, LOROS hospice open day, my frocktober event, LOROS frocktober event, Leicester fashion week .... and I am assuming lots and lots of coffee and naps in between!!

So thankyou for sticking along for the ride. I promise to keep being honest and talking about my IBS, but over on shoestringchic I intend for it to be less about health and more about looking good on a budget!

NOTE: this post was schedueled in advance. Between writing it and publishing it i ended up in hospital which you can read about here and Im actually having surgery on monday now!

Do you know I have a fashion blog? Read it here 

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