Thursday, 29 September 2016

Spoonie: The hospital, why codeine isn't my friend and surgical plans

So Tuesday night, I went to work like any other night. Slightly tired but nothing out if the ordinary. About 2 hours into my shift while I was sat doing paperwork I got the most horrendous pain in my left side. Sweating and shaking I stumbled to the toilet to throw up. Within an hour I was in the urgent care centre waiting to be seen. Nearly 4 hours, a urine test and a couple of blood tests later I found myself on the way to another hospital

I was given two 30/500 co cocodamols and let me tell you those little bastards knocked me for six. I had to be driven from the walk in centre to the main hospital and then when I got there I think the nurse thought I had taken something illegal. I explained to him that I was feeling spaced out. They made me do another urine test and a pregnancy test, and I laughed at myself trying to pee in a pot. Thats when I started hyperventilating and feeling really really sick. The guy on reception was so nice, got me some water and didnt laugh when I told him I was going to die.

The doctor I saw there wasnt very friendly. He was asking me questions about what the walk in centre had said, and by this point I was so off my rocker with this codeine I am suprised I even gave him the right name. Without really saying much he told me I was going over to the maternity building. Que mild heart attack, but it was actually the GYNAE assesment unit and no I am not pregnant. The nurses on there are the nicest I have ever met. I was assessed by the ward sister, including a really painful internal assessment and they decided to keep me in for the night to have a scan the next day.

Now, I didnt blog about this at the time, but last time I was admitted in this much pain I had a consultant tell me that there was nothing wrong with me and that basically I was faking it. I dont want to dwell on this but I spent the night awake, in pain (the painkilllers took the edge of but didnt kill it completely) worrying about seeing the dr the next morning! However my experience couldnt have been more different. This lovely, softly spoken consultant said he wanted to do a scan, as I had ovarian cysts before he wanted to see if that was the issue. He said that it wasnt always the case, and sometimes there could be unexplained pain and if this was the case then they would medicate me.

They scan was interesting. The radiographer showed me everything he was doing. My ovaries dont look normal (his words). They are double the size they should be and full of cysts. Over on my left ovary is a 7cm cyst. I suddenly had this huge worry about it, and tried not to cry as the porter took me back. Its hard actually, because working in the hospital I know a lot of the staff, so I know the radiographer, the people on the reception desk ... the porters ...

Anyway, yesterday evening the doctor came to me and confirmed that I have multiple cysts in my ovaries. So on monday I will be having surgery. Although the doctor was very calm and collected, she told me that because I have had the surgery laproscopically before it might not be as simple this time. I may have to have a laporotomy to remove cysts from both ovaries.

Im so upset that me and Tom have been looking forward to our week in Haven since we booked it months ago and now I have to spend it having surgery. I am trying not to think too hard about the surgery because my anxiety takes me into some dark places.

I couldnt have got through the past few days without the support of my wonderful blogger friends. You have all been so kind, and your messages have kept me going! I will update you after the surgery but as I am not sure how I will feel (this could be a day surgery, could be a few days who knows)

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  1. Im so sorry you've had to go through this, particularly your previous experience. I'm really glad you were taken seriously (like you should've been previously!) & am really hoping that this surgery eases the pain for you. Sending lots of love your way. I'm always here if you need me. Xx

    Tania |

  2. Oh my goodness I hope you're okay and I hope surgery goes well. I will be thinking of you! x


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