Monday, 12 September 2016


I really need to take some stock photos of my own and have some more original images for my IBS posts. The problem is when I talk about my IBS, what photos would I use? There could be an arty shot of my toilet roll, my loperimide (anti shitting tablets for those who dont know) or even a selfie of me where I spend a lot of my time ... on the toilet?

People are quick enough to comment about having IBS. Oh yeah I got bloated after a curry because I have IBS or I cant eat gluten because of my IBS. While a lot of the time people mean well I cant help but feel that IBS gets a bad name as being "a bit of a sore tummy" or a "little bit of diarrhea" after you have eaten too much.

Well I am going to tell you in advance now this post gets a bit TMI so if thats not your thing then maybe turn away now and come back soon when I am not getting so personal? Ok?

IBS has affected my life for about 9 years now, and it has affected it every single day for about 6 months now. There have been times when I have not made it to the toilet. I have also sat on buses convinced that I am going to have an accident, desperately looking out of the window for a pub, supermarket, any place that I could possibly relieve myself.

I have turned down events because I have been worried that there wont be a toilet. Or that there will, but then all the beauty girls will be talking about me cause I spend so long in there. Come on girls we all know that we all go to the toilet in groups and I tell you know there is nothing worse than sitting in a toilet, wandering what unholy noise your insides are going to make while you know that your glamourous blogger friends are stood outside applying their makeup.

Then there is the crippling stomach cramps. Buscopan might be the absolute god of fixing it for me at the moment but when you wake up at 3am sweating and shaking with your stomach in knots. Your husband sleeping next to you, you dont want to have to disturb him to sort out tablets so you lie there feeling dizzy and nauseous and hope that youll go back off to sleep.

The anxiety. The worry weeks before anything that requires travelling out of your comfort zone. The doubt, that even though you know the train station has a toilet, what if it is out of order or someone else is in it. What if your train is so crowded you cant physically get out of your seat to get to the toilet? What if, god forbid, you cant hold it and have an accident in a strange new city with no help and no clue where the nearest facilities are.

We dont talk about this stuff enough.

Next time you think IBS is just a little stomach ache, or just something I am over reacting about, remember that this, coupled with my depression has left me not wanting to go on before. Wishing that something would just stop.

Im not going to let it beat me anymore. Im going to be trying everything to cope with this, and hopefully sharing it with you all here.


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  1. I know your pain girl, and I've definitely been there before. I feel changing my diet has helped me loads, but there is still the fear. It was so bad for me as I would not eat before I needed to go anywhere, which helped my problem a little but still left me feeling dizzy and faint from lack of food!

    It definitely isn't something to comment on lightly, because in actual fact if I just got stomach aches I would be thankful, always know if I am at an event with you, I will be your toilet buddy!

    P.S arty IBS founds fun, I did an illustration on one of my posts on my old blog!

    1. Thanks Tiff!! Sorry to hear that you suffer from it too. I think the anxiety around it makes it worse you know, If I am overly worried I will need the toilet more! That said I am getting better at calming myself down, recently were were on our way to an avent and I told tom he would need to stop and actually after giving myself a little talking to and relaxing I was actually ok all the way there!!

      Thanks for being my future toilet buddy :)

  2. Aw god i hear you girl. I have been in every situation possible with the sweats desperately looking for a toilet. I have IBS, gluten intolerance and more recently suspecting a lactose intolernace. Happy Days :)

    1. Oh the sweats are the worse!! I find the worst thing is department stores when you know there is a toilet but it seems to elude you!!

  3. Thank you for finally saying this! My mum has been a chronic IBS sufferer for over 20 years and I developed it myself 2 years ago! I can sympathise with every one of your points! Having IBS is a horrible thing and I hate when people make light of it! Thank god for my medication that I finally got sorted with my doctor. My IBS is stres related so my diet doesn't stop it happening but I m comforted to know that there are others out there who can comfort and help us all through :)

    Love the post :)

    Rach |

    1. I have just got to the point where I just cant cope with people taking it so lightly. I'm on my way to getting it sorted hopefully but mines stress related too!


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