Monday, 19 September 2016

SPOONIE: Pain, nausea and a bit of a moan

Whenever I write a personal post like this, I do it for me. I dont scheduele, I just wake up, something riles me and I write. I always love the response to these posts because most of you message me or comment and are wonderfully understanding.

Others? Not so much. I have spoken in length before about starting the FODMAP diet (which I am currently on hiatus from as I wasn't eating much at all) but for me its a journey of discovering what I can eat and what makes me feel ill. Some days I can eat so much without it affecting me, a few weekends ago I had a full on indian takeaway and I was fine. Yet this weekend I have fault nauseas all weekend and am now pretty much back to water and plain crisps / rich tea biscuits.

Lets recap. I have said onions, garlic, beans, legumes, honey and apple are my biggest IBS triggers. Yet ive recently had a lot of "advice" to eat more fruit and vegetables. Despite saying that I am working on a trial and error basis. This same commenter said I shoul just wear an adult diaper and get on with it.

Its so frustrating.

I am currently in pain trying to get myself to sleep before my 4 night shufts. I had to cancel half my shifts last week because I was in excruciating pain similar to when I had pancreatitis! Two days in bed seemed to have it wear off but Im feeling it come back slightly ... getting on the buscopan early this week!

I am revamping my Charlottelucyfoodie instagram account and trying to sort my diet out a bit and slowly try and eat a bit more and try and figure out what foods are really upsetting me. When I get back from haven I am going to be going dairy free for four weeks to see if dairy is triggering me! I am also hoping to see a dietician. Oh and I have blood test results wednesday so fingers crossed!

Anyway, if you have made it to the end thankyou!


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