Thursday, 8 September 2016

TAG: 7 Facts About Me ...

I was nominated by the lovely Amy to share a 7 facts about me tag 

Me in A Chrous Line

1. I am really into musicals. I dont think I have talked about this on my blog but when I was 9 I played Annie and really got the performing bug! Since then I have performed in loads of shows my favourites being Fiddler on the roof, the witches of eastwick and les miserables.

2. Linked to number one I got a distinction in my grade 8 musical theatre exam. 

3. I am a lot more into fashion than I think I let on, but I just dont have the guts to wear the outfits I love. Like I sometimes think I should be a stylist because I have all these ideas  of what I want to create and most of the time I see these outfits when I am out charity shopping but I dont feel cool enough to wear them!

4. I dont want to go travelling and never have. Dont get me wrong I love going on holiday but packing all my goods into one suitcase and living on that for months would be my worst nightmare. The actually travelling part being on a plane, train, bus, boat gives me such horrendous anxiety that knowing i was going to have to do that several times in foreign countries just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

5. I get really annoyed when films talk about people getting married young as missing out on their 20s. I got married at 22, and my husband is my best friend. Being married to him grounds me in the mad world I live in, and he has been my rock. I have not missed out on anything by being married to him, in fact he has enriched my life so much.

6. I am petrified of wasps. I am convinced that if I get stung by one i will have an anphalactic shock and die. I have no evidence to base this on, only that I am allergic to penicillin, tramadol and erythramycin. 

7. Im like an emotional sponge. I soak up everything. As cheesy as that sounds, if I read a sad story or anything it can really affect my mood. It can make me feel as though I have been through that and worry me!

So there you go I hope you enjoyed it! 


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  1. Finally caught up on this!!! Haven't gotten round to reading many posts this week cause of far too much overtime at work!

    Aw you're an emotional sponge too! I know exactly what you mean on that one, I'm totally the same, even an emotional advert can set me off!


    Izzy xxx

    1. Awh you will have to think of the pennies!!

      Can you inmagine us going to see a fil togetherer! We would just be holding each other and crying!


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