Sunday, 9 October 2016

BLOG LOVE: Sunday round up six

So i can only apologise that there wasn't a blog love post last sunday. I am trying to be consistent with these as I love shouting out to the great blog posts I have read during the last 7 days but unfortunately last week I was a little pre occupied with the surgery I was going to have the next day!

1. Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

 Every monday I look forward to Katys 10 Good things post! They are always filled with fantastic pictures, gorgeous food and things that make me start my week off with a smile! Last weekend I should have met her for the first time at the Bloggers Blog Awards (and others have told me she is just as much of a babe in real life). Anyway she won TWO AWARDS and she deserved them both!! 
2. My most worn holiday piece

Another bloggers blog award winner here (Im not doing this on purpose I swear!) but Amy here won best fashion blogger. I loved this post because it made me want to book a holiday and also buy a little set of dresses and converse and just have a week of effortless fashion!!
3. The Best Accessory Might Surprise You

I love Lees blog anyway. A thrifter is always a friend of mine, but finding out that she was legally blind shocked me but I loved her post where she opened up about being legally blond and starting to use a cane! Anyone spreading awareness of their disabilities is good for me!
4. My Personal Style Rules

In a sea of posts encouraging hauls and what I NEED to buy this season Jens post was a refreshing read. Talking about what you really should be thinking of when you are buying clothes this post was a great one to read to stop and pause before going shopping. I am not a minimalist by any means but I love reading minimalism posts as they help me find some kind of balance.
5. Pesto Salmon en croute

Emily always has the most amazing recipes on her blog but since she posted this one I cant stop thinking about it! One of my goals for this month is to get cooking more and I think this recipe is definately going to be on my list!

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