Friday, 28 October 2016

Musicals: Confessions of a musical theatre addict and a crisis of confidence.

If you knew me pre blog and mostly pre Leicester days and you asked me what I was doing on an evening or weekend you usually got on of two responses:

"Sorry I Can't, I'm at rehearsal" 


"Sorry I Can't, I'm seeing a show"

I was actually convinced at one point that I was going to meet and marry someone through one of my am dram soceities and we would sing duets together. I had no way at the time of meeting anyone else, all of my time and most of my heart was taken up by musical theatre. I got my first taste of musicals at aged 9 when I debutted as Annie. A local youth theatre called musical mayhem put on shortened versions of big shows to allow us to experience what it was like. I can still remember (17 years later) standing centre stage, red curly wig and tartan dress, while blasting out Tomorrow as loud as my little lungs would let me.

Throughout the next 10 years I performed in various shows and concerts. My favourites being the concerts I did with Langley Youth Performers and Fiddler on the roof, where at 16 I got my first role in a proper amateur dramatic soceity as Chava. I will admit I cried like a baby when that one was over!

Yet, despite the fact that this was my life I havent performed since 2010 and this really needs to change. It started with my shifts and uni work getting in the way but the longer I have been away from it the harder it seems to go back in. The Anxiety kicks in and its a vicous cycle!


I am going to change this. I am going to be participating in a musical theatre dance class and also taking ballet classes and practise singing every single day so that by the time the next auditions come around I will be there!


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