Wednesday, 5 October 2016

SPOONIE: The day after surgery

So, its now around 48 hours after my surgery and things have been a bit up and down.

Had an appointment with my GP this morning after developing what looks like a small infection under one of my wounds. She was shocked that I hasnt relly been given much discharge information following my surgery. Anyway, as the redness had gone down a little and my temperature is down so were holding off the antibiotics now (mainly because I am having other tests next week I have been waiting for for a while and if I take antiobiotics that would have to be pushed back)

My sats were back up (they had dropped to 88-90 after my surgery, and I got sick of being asked if I smoke ... I dont) but because my chest is sounding a little crackly Im going to be going for a chest xray at some point today or tomorrow to just have a check over.

Im really happy with the care I have received from my GP service recently actually.

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