Tuesday, 4 October 2016

SPOONIE: The Hospital Diaries - Ovarian Cyst Removal

I am writing this about 24 hours after I have had surgery. I had an Ovarian Cyst Removal.

Yesterday morning I turned up at the ward at 07:30am and had my surgery at around 10:30am. All of the staff were so lovely. From the aneathetist and consultant who both but my mind at ease, to the nurses etc who took me down to the theatre.

I had told both the consultant and the aneathetist about my chronic pain after my previous surgeries, my low blood pressure after both surgeries and my extrememe nausea and vomiting after both surgeries. I told them about the consultant who had told me I wasn't in pain. I expected them to think I was being over dramatic, but they were lovely. They made sure I had lots of pain killers and anti emetics and extra fluids so I didnt wake up in extra discomfort.

The consultant explained in great detail to me and Tom that due to my previous surgery there was quite a strong chance I wouldnt be able to have this keyhole. She also stressed that there was a high risk of complications.

At about 10.15am a nurse came to fetch me and walked me down to theatre. I walked straight into the theatre and lay down on the bed. I was joking with the HCA in there and then the lovely anethetist started putting my cannula in and my drip up. She then popped an oxygen mask over my face, told me to concentrate on my breathing and keep my eyes open as long as possible. Her voice was so soothing and thats the last thing I remember.

At 13:30 I opened my eyes.

They told me that I hadnt been cut open and gave me some extra painkillers and anti emitics and that was that. Back on the ward It took a long time for me to come round properly and my heart rate was high for a while and my oxygen was low. I felt pretty terrible and just kept sleeping.

At around 3pm, they got me up and out of bed. I cried loads. But actually it was more anxiety than anything. Yes it hurt but it got the gas moving, and I weed. Then they told me I was going home that evening.

This is when I feel the ward let me down. They gave me really poor discharge information. No one actually came and told me what they had done during the surgery - and since on the morning I had been told quite a few different options I feel that a doctor should have come and spoken to me. I wasnt told any information regarding my stitches (i had to ask when they needed removing etc) and she told me I could bath straight away which i know from previous surgeries and working in the NHS isnt ideal. Shower yes but not sitting in  a bath.

I felt ok about coming home but last night was horrendous. I spent the night up and down to the toilet and crying in pain. Today though I am on the sofa, and so far, keeping up with my painkillers and getting plenty of rest, food and fluid. TMI alert but I am really constipated and I feel that this is really hindering my progress but after speaking to my GP I have increased my lactulose.

Coughing also hurts like a bitch!

Thankyou for all your support after the last few days you have all been fantastic and I couldnt do it without you! I will keep this blog updated evey few days. I am sorry that this blog will turn into a surgery diary at the moment. but I need this space to talk about how I am feeling. I am determined to keep my mental health in check while I am recovering!

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  1. Getting your feelings out is very important. I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while, so I've missed most of your recent goings on but I do hope you're feeling brighter today and getting all the help (and info!) you need.

    1. That's ok, hope you are ok!! I'm having an up and down day but I'm enjoying writing about it X


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