Saturday, 15 October 2016

SPOONIE: I did too much.

So you have to get this into your head. Just because you are feeling better doesn't mean that your chronic illness has gone away.

As a lot of my time over the past two weeks has been dedicated to my surgical recovery, numerous doctors and pharmacy apointments, lots of bathing wounds, worrying about wounds, pain, bursting stitches and telling myself I cant lift that over and over again. It then turned into making sure my anxiety and IBS didnt flare up due to the surgery. Firstly the IBS was down to getting the right balance of laxatives to stop the codeine constipating me but at the same time not giving me D.

After all of that the anxiety set in. I was scared to leave the house. What if someone saw me and then I got in trouble for being off sick but shock horror being out of the house. So on tuesday I made myself go into town for a coffee and it was bliss. I spoke to my GP today and she said I am not ready to go back to work for at least another two weeks, but more likely four because of my job being manual.

Then yesterday I went shopping and for lunch with my friends and that was just too much.

You see you think you are doing well and you think that you are invincible and then the next day it hits you like a bus.

So, this weekend I am taking a bit easier, eating good food and resting lots at my parents house!

Hope you are all ok

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