Friday, 21 October 2016

SPOONIE: Its Official, 3 Weeks Of Antibiotics.

You know how I said yesterday that you just know your own body?

On top of the surgery recovery I have H Pylori. Its an infection of the stomach which can contribute to stomach ulcers. I have known for a while that my digestion has been off, and I have had this bacteria a couple of times before. It is meant to be eradicated with one course of antibiotics so I am a little peeved that it keeps on going and going. Im hoping that my GP refers me to a specialist this time.

If you saw this post last time I had antibiotics you will know that it really knocked me about and so I am glad that I am off work while I am on them! However I have set myself some recovery goals to incorparate looking after my physical and mental health which you will be seeing on Monday.

Hope you are all ok, and if you are going through something similar please let me know in the comments, it can feel awefully lonely up here at times ....

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