Thursday, 20 October 2016

SPOONIE: An Update & A Little Rant

My surgery feels like it was a lifetime away when in reality it was just over two weeks ago. If I was in an office job I would be back at work by now, but alas the realities of working as a health care assistant in the NHS means that I am off work for a bit longer. Another month actually. I just feel like I want to be back working and really getting my life off to a new start. I have ideas of things I want to be doing and actually not being able to has got me feeling rather meh.

IBS has been down right pissing me off lately. I feel like once you have been diagnosed with it, every single symptom you get is put down to that, I mean how long had I been growing these cysts? There was an 8cm one on each ovary. I had been complaining of more fatigue, more bloating, more pain, but being told again and again that its my IBS makes me sad. Like I know that I have IBS and I mostly know how to manage my own symptoms but when do we get to say, sorry Doctor but this isnt normal for me? When is the point that health professionals start to realise that we know our own bodies and know that something is not right.

I am used to being asked if im expecting when I have a flare up, but when a nurse I was working with had pointed out about a week before I found out about the cysts that my belly looked really low and not like normal bloating I feel now I should have been more persistant with my GP, it shouldnt have ended in me, mid night shift having to go to a walk in centre because the pain had got so bad.

Its frustrating that I was given hardly any discharge information. Prior to my surgery the consultant had told me that she wouldn't be there when I woke up but had told me that there were a number of options to what she was going to do during the surgery and that potentially I would be opened up, lose an ovary or a fallopian tube etc etc so you know I was expecting someone to come and explain what they had actually done!

I havent got PCOS they've said that but I have so many questions unanswered. Can I prevent these cysts coming again? This is the second time I had the surgery, I had a smaller cyst removed back in 2012. I know they cant just keep opening up every four years.

Also I am sick of hearing that my IBS can be cured by clean eating. I was at my worst when I was eating healthiest. I had a long discussion with my friend Ellie about how for me personally most of my trigger foods tend to be what you would consider healthy. I think with the internet there is always somebody telling you what you should and shouldn't do. White bread and White pasta are my staples. They dont give me the dreaded D. Wholewheat and I get cramps and need to be within the immediate vicinity of a toilet. That said I am going to be trying to expand my diet a little, and see which fruits and veggies I can tolerate, but what you have to understand especially if you dont have IBS, I dont need people tweeting me telling me my diet is unhealthy. Its not for everyone but I have to look out for me.

While we are on the subject no I won't promote your skinny tea. If you read anything on my blog you would know that anything that has a laxative in isnt for me.

Well if you made it this far you deserve a sticker!! I was going to talk about how my mental health has been and also why I am having my implant out but that will just have to wait for another post ...

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