Monday, 10 October 2016

SPOONIE: A weekend out and about and splitting my stitches.

I can't believe that this time last week I was sat at the computer writing out a blog post about all my worst fears for the surgery. I decided not to publish it in the end as it sounds overly melodramatic right now but still it makes me laugh.

This weekend I finally got myself doing a few more normal human being things, but my anxiety is rearing its ugly head. Its a vicous cycle of being petrified that if I go out in public someone is going to walk into me, and my stomach is still unbelievebly sore.

Anyway I managed brunch and the cinema today so that was a plus anyway.

Well it was all well and good until tonight while sitting on the loo I leant forward to pick up a toilet roll off the floor. There was a pop and a stingey kind of pain on my right side and when I looked down and saw blood, I realise I had popped one of my stitches. Im so annoyed at myself because after being super super careful thats the thing that did it. Toilet flipping roll.

Anyway tomorrow morning I guess I will have to get myself in to see the practice nurse and hope I havent done too much damage but for now I have just dressed it and I am hoping for the best!!

Hope you are all ok and normal posting shall resume as soon as I stop accidently hurting myself!

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