Saturday, 29 October 2016

That Saturday Post: One.

I really love when people do a round up of their week and I love those 10 Happy Things posts that Little Miss Katy does. I have tried different things here before like the little things and the week and just never stuck them out. So I decided to start again. That saturday post will be a round up of my week, the highs, the lows and the little things that have made me happy.

001. On monday this week I went to nandos with my friend Heather and her 6 month old. I really enjoyed catching up with her, and also how good are nandos chicken thighs? When I go to nandos I usually have the mushroom and halloumi pitta (shoot me, I am not good with chicken on the bone) but I think I will be ordering those again ... with a cheeky side order of halloumi obviously. Plus they do 20% NHS discount ...

002. We also saw Trolls last week at the cinema and I LOVED it. I have pretty much been listening to three songs from the soundtrack on repeat (True Colours, Sound of Silence and Get back up again) It was just such a feel good film. I want to see it again but Tom was not impressed!

003. My antibiotics have really knocked me for six this week (not going to dwell on this though as I have moaned about it enough this week) but it has given me plenty of time to read! For my birthday I got the Knickers Models Own book and had flicked through it but this week I read it cover to cover!  Caroline lost her mom to cancer in 2014 and determined to raise money for cancer research Uk she set out to tyle herself in only chairty shopped pieces for the whole of 2015. I followed her journey on Instagram but seeing it in a book (which you can buy here) just really solidified what an achievement this was!

004. Another thing I have done this week? Watched far too much youtube!! I like to look at what it is recommending to me and usually ignore it. However this week I was recommended Hannah Rupp and more specifically her thrift hauls. I then continued to watch a huge majority of her videos and fell in love.  I then found out she has a blog, The Outfit Repeater, and fell a little bit in love with that too!

005. I have made a lot of progress this week on sorting my room. I have had to do it in short bursts but I am looking forward to having a move around. I am moving my massive mirror because I want to do more OOTD type posts over on Shoestring Chic and where it is is very dark at the moment. I have also sorted out a lot more clothes to go off to LOROS.

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