Friday, 11 November 2016

11.11.2016 Today I Cried. A Lot.

I am someone who cries. Whether it is a sad film, a story in the paper about some long lost couple finding each other, a particularly sweet child ... you name it I will get a tear in my eye. Today though it has been in epic proportions.

Last week I had my contraceptive implant taken out as I was convinced it was a major contributing factor to my decline in mental health. On Monday I started Slimming World and on Tuesday got my first period in over a year - which is all fantastic timing obviously. Between wanting to face plant the nearest bar of chocolate and stuff my face with a dominos pizza (both I have resisted by the way - just polishing my halo over here) I have cried. When I say I have cried I mean I have sobbed like a baby.

I cried because its Armistice day. Feeling the huge sadness of the lives lost and also a huge joy that at 95 years old my granddad is still plodding along fairly healthy and brings a huge amount of joy into my life.

I cried because my friend Kirsty told me to watch this advert, and I did. 

I cried at the John Lewis advert because oh my gosh his little face is the best! I have all the feels for Buster the dog right now.

I cried watching married at first sight when the groom turns around and sees his bride for the first time. 

And do you know what finished me off today? I cried in Nandos.

I have committed myself to Slimming World 100% this week and anyone that knows me will know that I am determined, and perhaps a little stubborn. I had decided on an on plan meal using my syns of butterfly chicken mango and lime, spicy rice and corn on the cob. After nearly an hours wait in a half empty restaurant I was already a little annoyed. So when my chicken came HOT and my rice came cold, that was the end of it. 

So what have we learnt about me today? I do not cope well with periods, I am a hormonal mess and on days like this I should stay firmly under my duvet with nothing that can evoke any emotion in me! On that note friends I am going to bed, and hoping for a more neutral day tomorrow!

Emotional Wreck.

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