Friday, 18 November 2016

Feeling Proud of Little Things

Today I am going back to work.

It has been a long nearly 7 weeks off and I am so glad to be getting back. However, I have a really bad fibro flare ... good sign right?

I came onto blogger this morning not intending to write a post but looking at my stats I realised someone was reading my "Why I've Left Slimming World" post from May this year and I thought oh I better delete that. Then I decided not to.

I have felt lately that my mental health has been terrible, my anxiety especially has been rearing its ugly head, but reading that post actually showed me I have come a long way. I dont hate my body. It started with listening To Jes Baker's things no one tells fat girls and I made the promise to start loving my body and dressing for me and not worrying about my belly. The problem is for me, after about a month or so loving myself actually turned into mistreating myself. I wasnt doing it intentially but I started eating and drinking far too much sugary, fatty foods. The turning point came a few weeks ago when I realised that this was no longer about how I looked, but how I felt. Surely there must be a link between how many down days I am having and how much crap I am putting into my body.

Thats when I decided to rejoin Slimming World. My reasoning was that I thrive on structure. It sounds a little bit strange writing it down, but it seemed the perfect way to teach myself that everything is ok in moderation and also giving me the structure to eat meals and really get into the kitchen and start cooking again. A month ago I was living off frozen food that was quick and easy, which is silly because I have had all the time in the world to be cooking! I just didnt have the motivation to cook. If you want to see what I am cooking I have a dedicated slimming world instagram: Charlottelucy_sw

Its been just under two weeks now since I started and already I feel a lot better. I have had one IBS flare and one fibro flare, which when I was having them everyday this is a massive achievement! I kind of feel now that area of my life is under control I can start on other things ... money management and decluttering spring to mind but thats a blog post for another day.

I am at peace with my body for now and that couldnt make me more proud.

Proud as punch.

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