Monday, 2 January 2017

I'm back on my Anti-depressants ... and they don't agree with port!

One of the things I have always promised to be open and honest with on this blog is my health, especially my health troubles and during my time away from the blog I went back on citalopram. I have been in and endless circle of anxiety, depression and IBS and not knowing which is making the others worse. So after a discussion with my GP we decided to go back on citalopram as previously when I was on it, my IBS symptoms seemed to be less severe.

So I started 2 weeks ago on 20mg Citolapram and so far I am feeling ok. The only problem was, I drank a fair share of a bottle of port with the Hubby on new years eve and have spent the last two days feeling VERY dizzy. That being the case, alcohol is off the menu from now on. Not that I mind much.

My IBS hasnt been the best the past few days either and so I am sitting contemplating a nap while wrapped up in my mermaid blanket (which FYI, is still available here in the sale ... thank me later). I am going to be dedicating a lot of time this year to me and my self care and I cant wait to share my journey with you!

For now though, Im going to get my head down!

Charlotte Lucy

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