Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Symprove Diaries: Week One

Hello guys! I am uploading this from my iPod as it's the only place I seem to be able to get wifi while I'm in London but I'll polish the post up a bit when I'm home!


I have a habit of sniffing things before I eat or drink them and this proved to be a bad idea. I have the mango and passionfruit flavour Symprove and lets just say it didn't smell amazing! The taste matched the smell - its going to be an aqquired taste - but if it works it will be worth it!

Took my symprove aroun 8:30 and ate my breakfast around 10:00. Felt a little sick all morning but thats not unheard of for me. Had a little cramping around 1pm when I was going to the bus but as I thought this was more anxiety I breathed through it and I was good to go! Had 4 lots of diarrhoea today, but overall it was on ok day - no running to the toilet!


Took my symprove at around 8am again and surprised myself by holding my nose and knocking it back without giving it too much thought at all. Slept most of the day as I was starting nights tonight, oh and our boiler is finally fixed so I can finally run hot baths!! Anyone with IBS will know how much of a saviour they are!! 

Symptom wise not a lot to report, had two firm poos which to me feels weird as I'm used to having diarrhoea 6+ times a day. Had a lot of gas overnight though which is unusual for me as I've eaten nothing that would usually disagree with me!


Took my symprove on waking from my days sleep at around 5pm. Had a hot bath and then ate dinner (slash breakfast)  and the had some really awful cramping that took over my whole stomach. Buscopan and a huge poo sorted me out though!

Throughout the night I had two more cramp attacks though not as severe as the first but my stomach has been making the most horrendous gurgling noises like I'm about to give birth to some kind of alien ...


Something happened today which to anyone who doesn't have IBS will not sound like a big deal - but I woke up from my sleep at around 4 and had a completely normal poo. No cramping, no running and a beautiful type 4 on the bristol stool chart! I mean what more could you want from life!  

Uh oh ... I spoke too soon! As soon as I finished my dinner I was running to the loo. I've recently started having pesto and I think it's this that doesn't agree with me so unfortunately that's going to have to go on my do not eat ever list! 

However the rest of the night has gone smoothly, no more toilet trips and no cramps! Just a little bit of gurgling from my stomach, maybe it's just cheering me on.


Nothing much to report!


I was fine until I ate today and has to run straight to the loo. I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary either. After that though seemed fine until I ate too much at dinner time and have myself stomach cramps but buscopan and a hot bath sorted me out!


This morning I was very anxious as I knew we were travelling down to London! Almost forgot to take my symprove in the  process but remembered! 

Managed to get to London with the only symptom being nausea which I presume is from my anxiety. We went all around London on the tube and I didn't have any hairy moments! This might not sound much but having a whole day where I didn't have to run for the loo was incredible. Had a bit of bleeding today which I need to get checked out when I'm back but it stopped so I'm not overly worried! 

Thoughts on my first week on Symprove 

It can't be just my mind that after only 7 days I'm feeling a lot better. It may be the placebo effect a little but so far I'm so impressed with it! 

Oh apart from the taste. It tastes like the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life but I can deal with that.


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