Sunday, 22 January 2017

That Sunday Post: One.

I love posts that wrap up all the good in the world and I think my blog needs an injection of this. It's now Saturday night at 22:50 and I'm having a cup of tea while my patients are sleeping and I thought you know what I need to talk about all the good things that have happened this week!

1. This massive stack of pancakes at My Old Dutch.

My god these were the most glorious buttermilk pancakes I have ever eaten in my life. Topped with crispy bacon and lashings of maple syrup! Yes they gave me tummy ache but it was worth it!

2. Meeting Taryn Brumfitt at the premiere of Embrace 

I have been trying to write a post all week about how I felt following this premiere but I just cannot find the words. What I will say though is this woman is going to change lives. She has started a ripple and I am determined to keep it going!! 

3. I bought this beautiful bra from Monsoon

And I feel like a total goddess in it! I'm a little disappointed with their size range (I'm a 36A and fit perfectly into the Large which is the biggest size they do) I bought the matching pants too ...

4. I took my husband's Yo Sushi virginity 

And he absolutely loved it! We went on a quiet afternoon for the yo sushi festival deal (which is basically blue Monday but Monday to Friday but quick it ends this Friday!!) and ate sushi until we were so full!!

5. I found this book for 99p!

You know I love charity shopping and recently I have decided I want to get my bake on so couldn't believe my luck when I got this for only 99p! The recipes I have my eye on at the moment are the earl grey cupcakes and the mushroom and Gorgonzola puff pastry wraps!

6. I quit diet culture and threw away my scales.

Inspired by embrace I decided that it was time to quit diet culture once and for all and throw away my scales. I may have made it look simple but trust me I have spent most of my life wrapped up in what I weigh and what size I am so the decision to just learn to listen to my body wasn't easy. In the end though I know I have to do it. I'll be writing a lot more about my body confidence journey over on my Fashion Blog.

So that's it for this week!! I am working a lot of night shifts this week to pay for our upcoming holidays and also to fund our dream home and so it may be a lot more little things in the coming week. I hope to include a weekly round up of my favourite blog posts and YouTube videos but this week it's just come to me in a mass of words!! 

Charlotte Lucy 

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