Sunday, 29 January 2017

That Sunday Post: Two.

This week has been long and tough. I worked Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday night so in less that 7 days I have worked over 60 hours and trust me the weekend was a welcome gift from God!! There have been some things that helped me through the week though ....

1. This white bedding.

I always think there is something that feels really luxury when you go to a hotel and snuggle yourself down in the crisp white bedding! It's something that had been on my home wish list for a while but could never bring myself to spend the money as I am prone to spill things! So when I saw this set for just £12 in Primark I had to give it a go!!

2. This song. On repeat.

Yeah I've been trying to put together a Spotify playlist of songs that make me feel a million dollars and this one has been played most days when image been getting ready for work. Usually accompanied by me dancing round the bedroom in nothing but my knickers!!

3. A Yo Sushi date with my girl

Me and my blogger pal Kirstie maintain our friendship on long conversations, randomly sending each other photos of clothes with the word NEED written under them, charity shopping and Yo Sushi lunch dates. We usually go exclusively on a Monday but took advantage of the yo sushi festival deal and went Wednesday! I consumed 5 plates of glorious sushi and can't wait to go back again 

4. This beautiful dress I bought 

You'll be able to see all of the things I bought in January over on shoestring chic on Wednesday but the one that has been on my mind the post is this beautiful print dress from mango that I had to have! For 5 English pounds I couldn't leave it behind and I couldn't help but think I'd seen it before! Well if you read Hannah Gale's blog it was one of the dresses she wore all summer long!

5. Going to the cinema twice!

Yeah I don't know how we managed to fit this in either but we saw La La Land for the 3rd time and also sing. I know that La La Land has had mixed reviews but I totally love it and yes would see it again! Sing is very light hearted fun with a few jokes thrown in just for the adults!

6. Finishing this book!

I don't feel that I get a lot of time to read especially when I am at home (I read a lot when I am on holiday) and I found this hard to get into. Once I got a few chapters in the book just seemed to take off and I couldn't put it down! Its not my normal sort of read, there is a lot of history and politics involved, but I loved it! On his 100th birthday Allan decides to climb out of the window at his nursing home and disappear. He goes on an unbelievable adventure and meets a lot of interesting character along the way

And the blog posts I have loved this week?

  • Hayley from Curves and Curls wrote this lovely post about having a little wobble. I really felt I could relate to where she was coming from and I am glad to see I am not the only person who feels that way at times!
  • It's not strictly from this week but i read it this week so I am going to include it! Leah from Love Leah wrote her Fashion Manifesto and it made so much sense to me. You may know that over on my fashion blog I have started trying to really refine my style and wear everything in my wardrobe and Leah seems to be on the same wavelength!
  • I really enjoyed Ginevrella's post It's not all bad. It had the words even the worst shifts come to an end, eventually.  I think these are wise words for anyone, especially those of us working in the NHS during such turbulent times. 
  • Jo, a fellow IBS warrior, has started on the Low FODMAP journey and as a journey I myself will be following later on in the year once I have done more research to really get my head around it I have enjoyed her food insights! 
So theres what I have been up to this week! In the coming week I don't have any huge plans until the end of the week, I'm only working the 34.5 hours this week!
Charlotte Lucy


  1. I love your Sunday Post instalments, they're so personal and lovely to read :) I really love that dress!


    1. Thankyou, I really enjoy writing them. Its really helping me to focus on the positives of the week rather than negetives xx


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