Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Symprove Diaries: Week Three

This week has been really up and down for me. Like I seem to have gone from one extreme to the other within 24 hours. However, I said I was going to be honest and so here goes.


I was at work monday night and I had one of the worst flares I have had in ages. I was sitting on the loo sweating and shaking with horrendous cramps, but couldnt actually do anything. I had to take buscopan through out the shift and didnt manage to eat much but I managed my way through it.


I wasn't working and slept most of the day. Then forgot to take my symprove.


I had a few stomach cramps and a few bouts of D. Had a blood test this morning and the nurse told me that following my last set of bloods my vitamin D levels had dropped even further despite the fact that I had been taking a high dose of vitamin D since september.  Went out for sushi though and did a bit of shopping and then went out to the cinema.


I spent the day feeling ridiculously tired, sick and dizzy so spent most of the day in bed before I went off to work.


Slept all day and then went to work. Had more cramps and more D.

Saturday + Sunday

I felt shattered all weekend and had loads of D.

So yeah after all of that I am not feeling great at all. Hopefully going to get a doctors appointment this week because I am feeling terrible.

Charlotte Lucy


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