Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Symprove Diaries: Week Two


This morning I felt really ill. Took my symprove as normal and went out for breakfast. Everything was fine but I think I possibly overloaded my system with the beautifully rich pancakes and bacon we were having and all hell broke loose inside! Not 5 minutes after leaving the restaurant I had to make a dash back there asking the very confused staff if I could use the loo. Luckily they were lovely and didn't seem to mind too much!

I spent the next hour or so in wholefoods between sipping water and using the facilities but after a dose of loperimide I was fine and managed to carry on with the rest of the day. I didnt eat anything else though and so when we arrived back at the apartment after 10pm I had some pretty serious hunger pains! After eating though we were treated to a lovely song from my belly ... I am not kidding you the noises it was making were incredible!


Things seemed more settled today, although I put that down to the loperimide more than anything. I managed to go all day with no pain while being a bit more cautious of what I was eating. I managed a couple of longer journeys on the tube and so far haven't had to pay to use any toilets which in London is a bonus!


Today started out much the same as monday. I felt fine at first but by around 10am I felt horrendous. Nausea and cramping galore. I seem to see a pattern that this tends to happen if I don't eat quite soon after my shot of Symprove and its something I will bear in mind in future! So i took a dose of buscopan and things seemed to calm down. We spent the morning at the science musuem and the most expensive piece of lemon drizzle cake seemed to settle my stomach before we went to Yo sushi for lunch! After that there was nothing really of note that happened for the rest of the day


Home day came too quickly and we parked ourselves up at euston and I made good use of the diabled toilet. Again another dose of lopermide sorted me out and we were on our way home. I had a long soak in a very hot bath and went to bed pretty content.


Today was a very good day! I went into town because I needed to renew my bus pass (how exciting my life is) and I did a little bit of charity shopping. I went to five guys for lunch and had no running for the title moments! I did have one later in the evening at home but thats fine.


Again nothing really of note today!


Another day of nothing to note!

So ...

I would say that after the initial blip at the beginning of the week things seem to be calming down. I have found that if I dont eat in the kind of hour following my symprove I feel really nauseous. Apart from that (and the horrible taste that I am still not used to) I think things are improving and Im only 2 weeks into the 12 week program so we will see! If you want to try Symprove for yourself why not head over here

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